Well, I’ll start with my introduction, I am currently working for an MNC in the stream of digital marketing.

Started in a need of employment and going on with no clue. when i got placed in this organization i felt very happy that i am earning myself. when involved in the work i have started thinking of what next in this the same position and same process. I need a change then got a friend who suggested me about digital marketing career.

Be proud to learn from mistakes. No one is the perfectionist from the beginning if you make mistakes you will know what to be not done the next time as i learned the same. Dare to participate in every aspect you needed to never hesitate. As the best example one of the best coffee shop in the world logo first launch was not to the mark, after continuous efforts done it got the best in the world.

Communication is a key to between a Business and a customer. conversation improves the business to know about the need of customer in order to supply them in a best way as they can. Communication can be made through feed back, surveys, polls etc

Now the next step is to move my thoughts into actions. At first i need a program which i can get into and get trained on that, i was in a thought of getting a vast knowledge on different streams.

Global economics is the first part to understand in Digital Marketing where we need to understand the cycle which is undergone economically.

In the process of being a Digital marketing expert we need to set a goal of what is to be done and implemented for further steps we need to get a clear picture of a NICHE which is the combination of Passion and enthusiasm to crack a set of goal it may be to become a good speaker, best blogger or the one with great recommendation.

Now i worked on my NICHE and selected one at first to be an digital marketer we need a basic knowledge of what is a blog and what it includes and how to write a blog and so on.

There are many more areas where digital marketing will get involved during their career in digital marketing. They include

  • Marketing Automation.
  • Blogging.
  • Brand Management.
  • Web Designing and Web Development.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Content Curation and Content Management.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Editing and Copy writing.

still i am working on my branch where i want to get settled in the stream of digital marketing.


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